Vanilla Candle Body Care & Massage Oil

Including the best herbal oils, Candle Body Care & Massage Oil moisturizes and nourishes your skin. When its essence provides a pleasant odor, it gives long-lasting refreshing effect to your skin with its warmness.

It is %100 natural, and it doesn't contain PARAFIN.

The Candle Body Care & Massage Oil has been produced from the best herbal raw cosmetic matters and non-lead cotton wick. The product is free from colorants. The products does not contain any animal product.

Warranty: We guarantee the herbal ingredient of the product. The product is free from paraffin or mineral based oil, vaseline, colorant, protein, sodium lauryl sulphate or animal oil. Produced with non-lead cotton wick. Our product is tested on animals.

Directions: Candle Body Care & Massage Oil is produced with valuable cosmetic raw materials which provide long-lasting effects. Light the candle for 1-2 minutes and keep it burning until the oil becomes liquid enough to be applied on the skin. Spill enough oil to your hands before it gets cold and apply to the body. For a complete massage experience, start with feet and then apply massage on legs and whole body. Continue applying the oil with circular motions to whole body. It is important to spill the oil to you hand first, thus you can check the candle's temperature. Put out the candle when the oil becomes liquid completely. Produced for single use. You can practice 1 hour of complete body massage application with 1 candle.

Important: Please read "Directions and Precautions" carefully. Do not apply on the areas with infection, scar or irritation. Keep away from children's reach. Always keep the candle within your sight. Use within 12 months after opened. Keep away from heat. Keep in a cool and dry environment.

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Argan Oil, Baobab Oil, Vanilla Extract, Vanilla and Clary Sage Essential Oils, Vit E.
Product code: ES 412
Natural Secret Vanilla Candle Body Care & Massage Oil is on sale in 6x40 ml packs.