Our Story

Natural care is the most used care which gives the best results. When we look at the history, we see that Babylonians and Egyptians used oily fragrances and besides, Egyptians put various fragrances in their bathrooms and cleaned themselves with clay and after the bath they massage their body with fine scented oils. In time, this tradition has passed on to the Ancient Egypt, and today, it is known as natural care and therapy.

Numerous beauty products are offered to the customer’s use thanks to today’s advanced technology. The harm caused by these synthetic chemicals, and mix of many impure unnatural matter used in these products on our body remain unknown to a large extent. Reducing this wearing and make your body healthy by strengthen its defense mechanism is only possible with the natural and organic products.

Natural Secret products are created with the inspiration and the protection of nature. Thanks to its natural ingredients, it helps your skin to get all the mystery of the nature. The products are produced naturally and entirely by plants, besides they do not contain any synthetic chemicals, coloring materials, preservatives and medication.

Extremely effective, unique and unbelievably pure, the products are used in the most famous SPA centers and natural therapies are applied with them.

Created with the benefits of every matter in the nature, the products not only give charm to the body, but also relaxation with the excellent scents. Natural secret products include 200 kinds of massage oil, peeling, mask, moisturizer, types of algae, special trend therapies (wine, pomegranate, chocolate, green tea and etc.)

You will feel the mystery of the nature on your skin, you will find peace with the Natural Secret products.