About Us

From its first day, Natural Secret not only provides innovative beauty products that give pleasure with high performance, but also high quality beauty products and fragrances produced in the light of SPA rituals and aromatherapy principles without any harm to the nature.

Our pattern and fragrances are inspired by luxury lifestyle. each Natural Secret moment is a moment of health and sensual pleasure. Combining the nature’s fascinating effect, and  natural resources with advanced technology and scientific findings, Natural Secret promises a care beyond senses. Provided by natural, precious active ingredients, the unique relaxing feeling is the result of the harmony of the products with the skin! Natural Secret adapts the nature of your skin.

Natural Secret concept is established on the existing balance of beauty world, skin care specialists, and their invaluable customers.  The relationship on this balance is the beauty philosophy conducted by Natural Secret for over 10 years. This philosophy meets the beauty and care needs and expectations of all women. Natural Secret products are designed following the latest trends and produced with the latest technology.  We created a perfect range of products which protects the skin and  complete the care of the skin with the most distinguished natural active ingredients. Enriched with natural ingredients, and latest technological formulas on ski care, Natural Secret products are appropriate for all skin types. Our products are not only completes the deficiencies in the natural skin protection system but also it offers a luxury care besides a healthy young look. Natural Secret combines the traditional cure techniques and modern technology in its formulas and products,  it is aware of the uniqueness of you and your skin. Therefore it plans your daily care for your emotional and physical balance in detail, it gives effective relaxation both for the body and the skin. Feel the awakening of the beauty on your skin.

Thanks to the wide range of professional cabin care products, Natural Secret meets all the needs of the customers with scientific, innovative, high performance and natural cosmetic products. Visible results are obtained owing to multiple professional applications that allow to aim customized care. In the heart of all Natural Secret professional care, massage rituals prepared to strengthen the effectiveness of your care provides a deep relaxation, it increases the emission of the active ingredients and the circulation of energy and gives vitality. The “secret” of Natural Secret is its work for healthier and brighter skin with its soft, relaxing, and calming products.  Including active ingredients, the pure precious essential oils is fine-scented and 100% natural.

The result in the final touch of the beauty care: Pure effect, everlasting smooth, firmer, more alive, brighter skin and a brand new life energy on your skin. To feel your beauty and discover your skin every day.

Your skin is worth the best care! Therefore Natural Secret is a pioneer brand recommended by hundreds of distinguished beauty center and SPA.

Are you ready to enjoy our specially made menus for Natural Secret’s magical world to be with you all the time ?

Enjoy Natural Secret’s world full of freshness and innovation!

Let nature’s hand touch your skin with Natural Secret…

Natural Secret products are created with the inspiration and the protection of nature. Thanks to its natural ingredients, it helps your skin to get all the mystery of the nature. Natural Secret provides effective products which are inspired by nature and respectful to the environment.

The products are produced naturally and entirely by plants, besides they do not contain any synthetic chemicals, coloring materials, preservatives and medication. Natural Secret’s mission to nature and human is based on “protection”. Skin and body products provide a luxury therapy for every moment.

Created with the benefits of every matter in the nature, the products not only give charm to the body, but also relaxation with the excellent scents.  Natural secret products include 200 kinds of massage oil, peeling, mask, moisturizer, types of algae, special trend therapies (wine, pomegranate, chocolate, green tea and etc.)

Natural secret is an innovative and satisfactory brand which has natural patented formula created by scientific approach, unique fragrances, and it is applied by rituals inspired by the ancient traditions. You can find more than skin and body care, massage rituals in Natural Secret world. Natural Secret provides a privileged habitat.  You will realize the refreshment and your beauty.

Natural Secret/ Natural Cosmetics with the power of Nature

Clinically proven

We benefit from the life energy and self-perpetuation feature of the plants to create the most effective active ingredients.

We appeal to all senses.

Nature is an endless inspiration which appeals to all of our senses with its richness of colors, fragrances, and pattern. Unique richness of the nature inspires us, and we create the most enjoyable products for you.

We respect nature and human.

We see nature as the primary resource of the beauty. Protecting this invaluable world and sustaining the bio-diversity is our biggest responsibility to ourselves and to the generations to come.

We believe in beauty.

When you look good, you feel better and you become happier and more hopeful for making your dreams happen. We are more than content to provide change lives in a good direction with our special beauty products inspired by your dreams.