Baobab Stunning Volume Shampoo - for Fine Hair Types

Let the nature touch your hair; Soothing Baobab oil cares for your hair without weighing it down, gives shimmer and makes easy to comb the hair. Being rich in antioxidants, Moisturizing Baobab Oil helps to protect and nourish you hair and the hair gets a more vital look. The result: a wonderful feeling!

Baobab Stunning Volume Shampoo gives soft and velvety volume to your hair from root to the ends, it also helps to protect and manage your hair. With regular use, it gives a vital and fuller look to the hair. Thanks to the natural glow the Shampoo gives, the hair gets a stunning look.

Your hair color is brighter, shimmering and intense with thin hair renewing Natural Secret Baobab Stunning Volume Shampoo for Fine Hair!
Product code: PE 1012
Baobab Stunning Volume Shampoo is on sale with 400 ml packs.

Active Ingredients: Baobab Oil, Muguet Essential Oil, Orange Essential Oil, Lemon Essential Oil, Gardenia Essential Oil.