Herbal Body Stamp

 You will feel the magical power of nature in your body! Aromatherapy is one of the most effective and comprehensive methods of therapy on the way to holistic healing. It brings not only physical but also mental and sensory healing.
NATURAL SECRET Body Stamp; contains 42 varieties of medicinal plants. It must be applied by professional pressure steam and buffer manipulations after being heated in the special steamer. With this treatment NATURAL SECRET Essences of herbal plants in Body Stamp penetrate the skin and feed the skin. Pressure and buffer manipulations open energy blocks in our bodies. The heat of the applied herbal sachet relaxes the muscles and relaxes the whole body. Effective suppressions applied to energy points on the body; Soft strokes and necessary stretching movements, as well as penetrating muscle tissue on the surface, acting much deeper. The rhythmic massage applied with Body Stamp ensures that all the energy centers in the body are balanced and all internal systems are integrated with each other. With the natural bladder used during the massage, the tension in the muscles is eliminated, the energy level rises to compensate and an extraordinary relaxation is achieved in the whole body and mind. It is aimed to recover the lost energy thanks to these reflex points stimulated, to put the blood circulation in balance and to relieve the feeling of fatigue. Especially in the lymphatic and circulatory system, there is a relaxing effect that spreads to the whole organism, which calms the spirit and body. NATURAL SECRET prepared for different functions Contains 100% Natural Herbal Extracts. NATURAL SECRET Natural healing methods with Plant Sheets can maximize your customers' enjoyment; Physical and spiritual renewal.
NATURAL SECRET Body Stamp is a concentrate of plants obtained by steam distillation from very different parts such as essential oils, plants' flowers, seeds, leaves, fruits. We can say for Body Stamp that because of the multi-layered and complicated nature of the chemical compounds of the concentrates they contain, and because of their fine structure at the micron level, which has drug-like interactions, the active substances are absorbed by the skin for minutes. It should not be forgotten that the aromatherapy-effective Body Stamp should be used very carefully with the methods and dosages recommended by a professional aromatherapist.

Natural Ingredients in the Body Stamp: Lavender, Passiflora, Wild Thyme, Albanian Pepper, Feline Nanesi, Chamomile, Cat Herb, Rosemary, Bergamot, Ecological Juniper Fruit, Bitter Orange, Grapefruit, Rose, Peppermint, Carnation, Eucalyptus, , Patchouli, Fennel, Cedar Tree, Ylang Ylang, Cinnamon, Plum Flower, Carrot Seed, Nettle Seed, Yellow Kantaron, Servi.

Suggested Application Steps:
  1. During the preparation phase known as the Bali ceremony; Natural Secret Body Cream Peeling, which helps toss dead skin with light massages, is applied to the removal of dead layers in the skin and peeling process for renewal of the cells.
  2. After peeling, the person can be taken to rest in a flower bathing / jacuzzi enriched with vegetable oils. In other words, this bath therapy not only helps to moisturize the skin, it also helps to relax the muscles and relieve the body.
  3. The stamp is appliying with gentle pressure buffered massage movements, with the hot blotches containing the mixture of plants. The rhythm, duration and pressure ratios may vary according to the massage ritual and masseur. The natural plant extracts used during this massage applied to the whole body help to prevent tension and calcification by creating curative effect thanks to natural extracts and enzymes in the structures. It also has positive effects such as accelerating blood circulation, opening pores, eliminating toxins and reducing pain. You can prepare your massage with the Natural Secret Body Stamp and experience the pleasure of aromatherapy.
  4. Following the massage with the body stamp, a special herbal tea with relaxing effects on the digestive system can be presented.
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Natural Secret Herbal Body Stamps for Professional use are on sale with vacuumed 2 in 1 packs.